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Sari is the most well-rounded and talented practitioner I have seen and I've seen a number of them.  Her seamless integration of her repertoire of techniques has been the most effective approach to my adrenal fatigue and pelvic floor issues.  I'm literally back on my feet again and able to hold a job thanks to working with her!  I've seen numerous practitioners for these issues and have never gotten the results I have working with Sari.  Her nursing knowledge has facilitated her approach to my treatment and given me an even better understanding of the factors at play in my various conditions which include Type 1 diabetes.  Her supportive and caring demeanor helped get me through the times when I doubted I would ever get better.  She always believed we would get there and it has happened!  Both my physical and mental levels of functions are greatly improved and I feel much more in charge of my health with her help and insight.  My entire life has improved on many levels through working with Sari.  To me, this is priceless!

David H-East Montpelier


It is so refreshing to be able to work with a practitioner with experience from both the Western Medical and the alternative medicine fields.  After over 20 years of dealing with the fatigue and overall symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis, I had given up on the idea of ever getting or feeling better than I did until I started to work with Sari.  She's amazing.  I would recommend her to anyone and I have!  From simple common sense answers to energy altering Reiki, I can count on her to help me pick my way through the path to health.

Kim W


Several years ago, I made my first visit to Sari as a means to manage my recovery from a sports related injury.  Through her skilled use of varied techniques, from the body work of myofascial release and Reiki, to sound advice based upon her years of nursing practice, Sari provides each client with solutions to meet individual needs.  I continue to rely on Sari's work as a key component of my long-term wellness strategy.  For me, finding Sari has meant that I can continue to be active and know that I have a resource to manage the inevitable "creaks and ow-ies" that occur in mid-age athletes.

Marc M


I've had the honor of being a client of Sari's for over fifteen years.  My healing sessions with Sari are personalized to what is happening in my life.  She takes time to listen and focus on my needs.  Sari's medical experience as a nurse has proven invaluable to me from educating me relating to the physical, emotional and spiritual recovery from multiple blood clots (DVT) in my legs and a saddle back PE in my lungs, complications from a knee surgery.  What makes Sari's practice unique is you feel safe, loved and cared for by a woman with years of experience and wisdom.  You can't help but feel a little less stressed and not so worried about life after you get off her table.  Sari's healing practice is life altering and she is there when the universal energy calls out.

Amy Fordham-Duff

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